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ok, been dieing to make a fursuit lately!!!! X_X and i finaly think im gonna get started on it, if i can find the time beetween school and homework X_X but  WILL DO IT!!! lol only thing is when i ask my dad for help, he gonna wanna DO the project, but ima not letting tha happen ima do it anyway the goodbye part is about my new charater Heart<3 do i put this....i hate ya shes now up for adoption who wants her? lol but ya, so im make a new wolf side of, yes im takein my tasha bak because i miss her, Tasha! and her wolf side not gonna look much like her, but anyway the fursuit ya, ok ima makein a tasha first, gonna be awhile till i can bak 2 anybody with that, and then, if i can make more if daddy thinks is ok, ima make a Kasey, and Tashas Wolf Form :))) i might keep her old wolf form, but idk what ya'll think? lol but if you want heart<3 then leave me a comment, but it might be a while till i get bak to on that because the school blocked DA and still trying 2 find away aroud it -_- but ya ok, so ya'll have fun reading this? no ok, i dont blame you ;D lol okk thank you for you time!!!!

heres heart<3 if you wanna know what she looks like:

you know what i dont even care fell free to change the name if you get her

Be Proud Of Me Q-Q And Say Goodbye by Emiwolfdemon299

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February 5, 2012


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